The reflective surface is a world in itself,
a world that is a representation of our
own world. However rather like Alice in
her looking glass the world of reflection
is also a door way to a different perception.

These works explore the surface tension between
the two worlds. The point at which those two
worlds meet offers us a metaphorical place which
is immeasurably un-dimensional, i.e. without occupying
a physical space.

Rather like the view through time that the observation
of distant stars gives us, the observation of a reflection
gives us an insight into a parallel universe, a universe of opposites and contrasts.

The event horizon of a black hole is a doorway to
a different place. A place of compressed matter
and enormous gravitational forces, these are the same
forces that act upon our own selves on this planet
and the same forces that bind our oceans to the
our planet's surface. Indeed, those which bind ourselves to the surface of this world.

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